Strategy & Risk Management

Conviction Matters

In the search for better equity returns, it's important to find distinct paths to differentiated investment performance. The Skoufis Capital strategy combines active stock-picking with a clearly defined edge on the market. We put you in the best performing stocks during strong market uptrends and use a disciplined risk management approach to protect your account from severe market corrections. High-Conviction equity strategies offer many advantages over their passive peers.

Key Benefits

Skoufis Capital Active Investment Strategy

  • Concentrated Portfolio of Market Leaders
  • Invest in Newly Traded IPO's
  • Actively Managed
  • Assets Invested Based on Market Conditions
  • Disciplined Risk Management Approach

Growth ETF's or Mutual Funds

  • Typically 20 to 30 Stocks or More
  • Typically Buy and Hold
  • Assets Invested Immediately with no Real Risk Management Approach

The Importance of Both Fundamental and Technical Analysis


Gets you in the best performing stocks.
What we look for:

  • Current Earnings per share up 20% or more.
  • Annual Earnings increasing 25% or more each year for 3 years.
  • New products, services, and/or management team.


Gets you in at the right time.
What we look for:

  • Supply and Demand of Shares: Price moves should be supported with increasing volume.
  • Leadership: Winning stocks come from leading industries.
  • Institutional Sponsorship: Large institutions and mutual funds own it and are increasing their stake.
  • Market Direction: 3 out 4 stocks follow the market direction, so we invest during bull market trends.