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Skoufis Capital is recognized as a proven leader in Active Portfolio Management. Clients who invest with us consistently achieve returns while protecting their assets from major downside corrections and bear markets. This is accomplished as a direct result of our Experience, Discipline, and Process.
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Chief Investment Officer

Peter Skoufis

Peter Skoufis

Peter has been a successful portfolio manager for over 13 years getting his start at A.G. Edwards where he received extensive training in Active Portfolio Management. He quickly established himself as a rising star avoiding the market crash of 2008 with a plus 2% return, when the Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 sank a respective 41% and 38%. In 2013 he snared a 59% return, outperforming the S&P 500 and Nasdaq's 30% and 38% respective gains. Throughout the last decade, he has consistently out performed the market showing his ability to successfully navigate many market cycles using Active Portfolio Management.

As Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Skoufis Capital, Peter has maintained his status as a successful portfolio manager and offers clients the ability to open separately managed accounts to participate in his strategy.

On his off time he participates in an extensive weight training and performance program, along with enjoying Yoga and is involved in many philanthropic efforts in the local Chicago Community.